Como Design shapes your spaces. Exclusive furniture and customised project.
The perfect union between competence and imagination allows to furnish any business space, meeting the requirements of clients. Best materials, fabrics, finishes and coverings are used to guarantee and satisfy aesthetic and practical purpose.
Como Design leads clients towards solutions, suggestions and ideas to reach the best result, following quality standards.
Como Design is specialised in contract solutions: skills and experience are necessary to design custom-made furniture and to join technology and made in Italy quality in any project. The ideal partner of your success.


Know how and creativeness are the keys to gain goals in contract world: hospitality, luxury residence, corporate and retail are the fields covered by our expertise. Como Design doesn’t supply just furniture but a whole service: ability to imagine to choose and to play along with clients even after the realisation of their dreams.

Made in Italy

Not just a brand, Como Design assures the best quality of products and finishings. Many requests, different components and proficiencies may live in a single project if they speak the same language: Italian style. Any colours and raw materials are balanced and coordinated by the highest standard quality as Made in Italy guarantees.

Research and innovation

Glance at the future. Knowledges are not enough if they don’t move forward: it’s always time to experiment and to search new materials Get a novel idea is the main guideline to value the beautiness of a space and its practice and to exalt and build a charming atmosphere. Discover the revolutionary technology of energy tape.


A turnkey service

Como Design offers a complete and attentive service to their clients. All the stages of the job are covered and attended by experts and specialists. In that way Como Design makes sure to provide a 360 degrees fixed support: from original concept to construction drawings, from development of projects to the choices of materials, from assembly to post-sales assistance.
Creativity and quality of execution are the basis on which ideas are built. Como Design shapes any dreams and requests giving a continuous support considering a constant update of knowledges, technologies and products. To ensure it Como Design owns experience in any specific fields and combine them in a successful project.

Approach to the project

Different figures are involved in this phase: architects, designers, purchasers and clients. The goal is to find the match point of their visions.

Project specifications

First sketches are drawn and a scan among materials and components has to start. Technical and financial information is discussed and presented to the clients.


Main activities are to develop and produce 2D or 3D construction drawings and prototypes. It is the stage in which the team turns plans into concrete ideas.

Identifying elements

It becomes necessary to identify and place the elements: experts design any single area creating a bill of materials for each one.

Identifying of assembly procedure

A critical and delicate stage to approach to the assembly step. It consists in establish, trace and prepare components of the projects, defining a timescale.


A strong network of productors involved in specific fields allows to guarantee a custom-made choice reaching the highest quality.

Quality control

It serves to constantly monitoring any process: many attentions are reserved from the selection of the chosen materials to all the procedures of assembly and production.


In a complex projects it deserves a decisive mention, especially when works are spread all around the world. Responsiveness and promptness are ensured to manage any furnishing.


A precise schedule helps the assembly stage. Furnishing elements will find the right locations thanks to the combined work of specialist team and designers.

After-sales service

The mission does not stop when clients’ spaces are designed: an accurate after-sales service is provided to support clients in any situation through the years.



A series of furniture thought specifically for retail: chairs, tables and other accessories to create an original space.

Yachts & Various

A wide range of products to furniture your spaces: carpets, sofas and chairs give a well-defined personality.


Various languages are quoted in a design process, harmonising the style to the philosophy of a company.


Customised, ergonomic and comfortable furniture projected to give a unique atmosphere.

Exclusive structures and materials to design your personal and intimate spaces.

Embellish atmosphere with elegant and precious lights: enlighten your design spaces.

Classic components and finshings to decorate your luxurious ambience.

Complex curtains system for your business spaces is a simple solution for Como Design.

Interior design offers the chance to create modern and minimalist spaces.

Classic components and finshings to decorate your luxurious ambience.

Donate personality to your living spaces with Piüma Collection.

Donate personality to your living spaces with Piüma Collection.

Unique shapes: Como Design outlines your spaces with original ideas.

Wide spaces to value lights and exclusive furniture.

Modern and luxury kitchen: Como design offers you any customisation.

Give a fresh and new life to your areas. False ceiling could change atmosphere.

Exclusive structures and materials to design your personal and intimate spaces.




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